“How class !” “You look very handsome !”
“I love your style, sir.”
These are some of the compliments I hear every time I go out

Dear dreamers,

My style surpassed my shy nature and made me socialize more smoothly.

Without being a smoker or drinker, having style makes it possible to attract lovely people and start conversations.

Here are the three sacred rules for picking the right outfit :

1 - Clothes always make the person.

Being well dressed and making a statement out of it are two different things.
Play with sensuality and elegance, mix statement pieces with neutral.

The Blazer, a must.

For me, the one piece 

that embodies this idea is the blazer. The perfect blazer is the touch that gives another dimension to the outfit.

2 - Wear accessories that represent you

A pin, a ring, a chain. Proudly wear your accessories, because they tell the story of who you are.

They define us, rank us, over-rank us…

3 - Clothes make you attractive.

The right outfit attracts the right person.

When you present yourself to a group of people for the first time, your outfit should always make the best impression.

Remember we only have one “first impression”.

Your favourite Dreamer,

Elevate your evenings with the 1.2.3 Limousines service.
PHOTOGRAPHY : Christie Reine
MODELS : Bictogo Abdel, Billon Mélanie


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