“Who are you? The name’s Bond, James Bond”

We’ve all wished to be the man who spoke that sentence as a man of style. But it is not James Bond who wishes, but who is capable.

So, to accompany you on your journey to being the future James Bond and gentleman that you are, here are some fundamental rules to follow.

1- Agencies that provide comfort and class.

“The interior jacket,” is perfect for intimate dinners and rainy evenings.
Being comfortable and being yourself in what you wear is the underpinning of elegance.

2- The Shape

Doing a physical activity helps us to better understand our body and appreciate it.
Finding your charm through its physical assets. The more you know about your body, the more elegant you will appear. Our clothes
must be comfortable, but they must also honour our bodies. Make sure that your clothes are precisely fitting, not too long or too wide.

3- Be Bold.

“Be spontaneous and take bold action,” as Robert Greene so aptly phrased it—confidence is the key to success.

Nothing is accomplished without self-confidence; it is the framework for personal growth.

Like James Bond, choose to battle for what is vital to you.
May everything in your life that does not bring you peace fade away, beginning with your clothes.
Keep it magical & peaceful.
Wear whatever inspires you to feel good about yourself and your style. 

I'm going for a war locker.

Believe in yourself and quit dreaming silently; it’s time to become your own James Bond.

Your favourite dreamer.


PHOTOGRAPHY : Christie Reine and Abdule Zelpasa
MODELS : Bictogo Abdel and Billon Melanie


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