How do you match all these colours, Abdel ?

When you start getting dressed, mixing patterns is a major challenge. How do you avoid ridicule while being daring? Here are the three print guidelines that I adhere to.

1. The classic combination

First and foremost, try to marry the piece to the colours found on the patterns.

Exactitude is not essential; a gentle reminder would suffice.

2- Double Trouble

This rule distinguishes between masters and amateurs.

Mixing prints is difficult, but it demonstrates the breadth of your taste. Consider this a game; often prints have nothing in common but form a pair. Follow your instinct.

Your outfit is intended to look good, so if it doesn’t, you’ll notice. And when it does, it’s like staring at a lovely artwork with complementary tones. It is appealing to the eye.

3- Prints & accessories

There is nothing more pleasant than a set of matching patterns, and the eyes cherish the exquisite accents.
The next time you buy a shirt, whether it’s a plain-colored shirt or one with patterns, consider complementing it with scarves, gloves, or shoes.

What could be more stunning than an assortment of colours?

Wow, I had no idea ! I can’t wait to give it a shot ? 

Yes, dressing is an art.

Your favourite dreamer, Dreamingabdel


PHOTOGRAPHY : Christie Reine 
MODELS : Bictogo Abdel 


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