“Colours are the basis of my style! You should know that I am basically a color lover. My passion for fashion only came later.” Danclemt

1. "There is one and the other."

They say that man would go to the end of the world to be recognised. The image is forged!

Your style should answer the following question.

“How do I want to be remembered?”.

2. Speak one language

“Tell me what you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are”

Firstly your clothes should reflect who you are, not diminish it.
The world’s greatest personalities have realised this: we must celebrate and sublimate ourselves. A big suit is appropriate for important actions. (Much like a superhero)

Secondly your personal style distinguishes you from those around you.
Our style is comparable to our brand in that it represents our identity. The distinction is unparalleled.

Establish your brand,

Finally, make a list of your inspirations, the things that best define you, the things that differentiate you, and how you wish to portray them through your clothing.

Your favourite dreamer, Dreamingabdel


The most memorable characters in history, from Marylin Monroe to Michael Jackson to Jackie Kennedy, have always been able to define their period with a posture and style that is distinctive to them and them alone.

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